Brick Paver Installation and Repair

brick paversSouthern Asphalt Engineering meets your brick and clay paver installation and repair needs. We can help guide the process from picking out the best bricks to to match your landscape design and needs, to the actual installation.

Whether you need a new driveway or parking lot, sidewalk, path, pool deck, or patio, proper installation prevents costly repairs later. We can also repair your existing pavers or provide general maintenance services to keep your bricks looking their best.


Brick pavers come in a wide variety of design options, including color, size and dimensions, and textures. We can help you find the best design choice for your paver needs, whether you are installing a brick patio or a new driveway.

Clay brick pavers retain their color because the color is comes from the very clay and is cured into the brick. UV rays, weathering, and aging doesn’t cause bricks to fade or change color over time. This same quality helps the bricks resist staining, which further minimizes discoloration and maintenance needs. When installed properly, brick pavers last a lifetime with no cracking or unattractive chipping, but if damage does occur, prompt repair helps them look like new again.

Concrete pavers are available in a greater range of colors and sizes, although they are more prone to color fading and changes. Regular sealing can help them retain their color. Although concrete may not have the estimated lifespan of brick and is more prone to erosion, taking the time to repair a concrete paver surface can greatly extend its life.

Installation Services

You can trust our professional installation service to save you many headaches down the road. Brick pavers can suffer from settling, moisture damage from poor drainage, and breakage when installed improperly. We ensure the brick pavers are installed over a firm and properly constructed sub-base and base to mitigate these problems before they can become an issue.


Age, settling, and poor drainage can all result in necessary repairs. Fortunately, we are available to repair your pavers while using the existing bricks. Cracked bricks are usually caused by a poorly constructed or compacted base, or from external damage from equipment or vehicles. Removal of the current bricks, repair of the base, and the reinstallation of the bricks along with replacement of the damaged bricks makes the paved area look new.

Sunken areas or dips result from drainage issues or inadequate base construction. We offer compacting and grading services that bring the base and sub-base up to standards, along with repair of the existing brick surface to fix any damage.

Stains and color issues require deeper cleaning. Our pressure washing and sealing services remove any stains, while also treating the bricks so they can better repel stains and discoloration in the future.

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Jose Clark

Outstanding services! Was recommended to them by a contractor, glad we chose them.
Outstanding services! Was recommended to them by a contractor, glad we chose them.


The best service in the business!
The best service in the business!

Tara Davis

Worked with them for your years and can always count on them for a job.
Worked with them for your years and can always count on them for a job.
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