Parking Lot SealcoatingSealcoating your parking lot is a necessary systematic maintenance plan that should be done approximately every two to three years with the exception of a newly laid project that should be sealed again after one year. This avoids expensive repairs or replacement and maintains a pleasing appearance for your patrons or tenants.

Asphalt parking lots are very expensive to install and have an effective life of approximately seven to 12 years before expensive repairs will most likely be necessary. If an owner protects the asphalt surfaces with sealcoating along with crack sealing, the life of the asphalt can be doubled or tripled at a fraction of the overlay costs.

An asphalt pavement is a combination of sand, rock, and the liquid or glue that binds it all together. UV radiation weakens the asphalt and breaks down the glue so that the asphalt no longer holds the sand and rocks and gradually loses the surface. Later the bigger rocks fall out and the parking lot is rough, and grass and dirt fill the spaces where rocks were. The asphalt also loses its important flexibility to take large loads and bounce back to its original condition.

The idea behind sealcoating is to shield asphalt from harmful elements that lead to the degradation of your costly parking lot and act as a barrier between the external harmful elements and the pavement.

What does the maintenance do? It protects your costly asphalt investment by doing sealcoating, patching, repairing of cracks, and providing the attractive “like new” appearance that will keep your facility looking first class and appealing. It also increases your property value, which is a major factor. The harsh effects of vehicle oil and gasoline, traffic, aging, chemicals, UV damage, water, and sun oxidation deteriorates asphalt over time.

To answer your questions or to receive a free estimate, please call our office or fill out our convenient contact request. We specialize in professional, cost effective, and quality asphalt pavement restoration and maintenance services for residential, commercial and industrial properties and adhere to strict manufacturers’ specifications. Having just one company to provide these services avoids having to deal with multiple contractors that will add to the expense and may delay completion.

We are also able to offer your business or property these services:

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The best service in the business!
The best service in the business!

Jeff Lewis

Did a great paving job for us on our properties, will use them again.
Did a great paving job for us on our properties, will use them again.

Betsy R.

One of the best asphalt pavers in the industry. Will use them again.
One of the best asphalt pavers in the industry. Will use them again.
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