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Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities (ADA Compliance) Act of 1990 by the United States Department of Justice is necessary and is important to all types of commercial, industrial, & residential properties. Non-compliance can be costly: a property owner could face up to thousands of dollars in fines, lawsuits, negative press, dwindling capital, and other unnecessary expenses. Because of this, Southern Asphalt Engineering is more than proud to serve each and every one of our customers complete ADA-complaint services with professionalism, care, and trust.

American with Disabilities Act

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act, we prohibit discrimination in any form and we are more than welcome to ensure special accommodations and services for those with major physical or mental impairments in schools, parks, churches, businesses, and other public or private organizations. It is our policy to disavow any type of segregation and intolerance that may affect and impede service to every customer coming to Southern Asphalt Engineering to full detail. In addition, we are more than welcome to accept every potential employee with any type of disability, as the company will promptly ensure that special accommodations are taken into account. Beyond tax credits and special discounts, our goal is to empower and create a new ground for disabled employees and customers that will achieve their potential without discrimination or segregation.

Striping, Signage, and Ramps

We can provide accessibility striping, signage and Disabled Ramps, Curb Ramps and Concrete Walkway Construction. Also, we aim to comprehensively comply with important provisions set forth by federal regulations, like doorway widths, special accessible parking spaces, ensuring service animals, flexible schedules and even special provisions for business-wide technological implementations.

Committed to Excellence

Professionalism is at the heart of Southern Asphalt Engineering, and as a team, we are committed to use our experience and meet or exceed special consumer satisfaction and expectations, including those that regard ADA compliance. Through our thirty years of experience —and over the twenty that have passed since the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990—, we have completed various asphalt projects that serve special accommodations for those with impairments, including Sun Life Stadium, Baptist Health Network, Palmetto Hospital and Leon Medical Centers. Our goal is to help Miami-Dade & Broward County citizens through their asphalt needs and reach their full potential, proving that Southern Asphalt Engineering is prepared to become a regional asphalt leader in ADA compliance throughout South Florida.

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