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Wheel Stops and Accessories

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Here at Southern Asphalt Engineering, we specialize in installing commercial grade truck stops and installing and replacing concrete and rubber wheel and parking stops for commercial and private businesses, parking garages and concrete parking pads (Wheel Stop and Accessories).

Take a moment to review the various types of wheel stop and accessories we offer including concrete, rubber, and lag nuts.

Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete wheel stops are the industry standard for parking lots, commercial garages and truck stops. Each stop is molded using high-quality durable concrete that is reinforced with rebar for added support. Stops can come with or without premolded thru-holes and slotted undersides. Premolded holes allow for easy installation, using either steel pins or lag nuts. Slotted undersides allow for easy lifting and moving with a fork lift and prevent water from pooling on either side of the stop.

Rubber Wheel Stops

At around 34 pounds, rubber wheel stops weigh significantly less than concrete wheel stops and are typically less expensive to transport and install. They are environmentally friendly because they are manufactured using recycled tires. Safety and visibility is ensured via reflective tape, which is placed strategically along the sides of the stop.

Depending on your specific application, we offer steel pin placement, lag nut installation and epoxy.

Lag Nuts

Lag nuts can be used for temporary or permanent placement. These involve inserting a metal anchor into the wheel stop and concrete or asphalt pavement and securing with a nut. If the wheel stops need to be moved or replaced later, the nut can be unscrewed and the wheel stop lifted off the anchor.

Steel Pin Placement

Steel pins are designed to permanently secure the wheel stops in place. These pins are hammered though the thru-holes and into the concrete or asphalt surface for an incredibly secure hold.

Epoxy Placement

Epoxy placement involves using a commercial grade adhesive to effectively glue the wheel stops into place. Each parking space and wheel stop is cleaned and prepared for installation to ensure the epoxy sticks securely to each surface. The epoxy is then placed on the wheel stop and pressed into place. It takes 48 hours for the epoxy to fully set.

Commercial Grade Truck Stops

To prevent commercial trucks and semis from accidentally rolling into buildings, cars and other structures, we install commercial grade truck stops with wheel stops and easily visible parking spaces.

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