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Asphalt Paving

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At Southern Asphalt Engineering, we offer a wide range commercial asphalt paving services in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. We are a team of experienced asphalt contractors and engineers who specialize in all aspects of asphalt paving, including installation, repair, and maintenance. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

If you have a commercial parking lot or industrial or municipal roadway in need of asphalt paving in South Florida, we can help.

Cracked, Crumbling Surfaces

Paved surfaces that are cracked or crumbling can be an eyesore, and even dangerous. If you are looking for an asphalt paving company with expert contractors in Miami, Southern Asphalt Engineering can upgrade your commercial space with a newly paved surface that is quality guaranteed. You’d be surprised by how much of a difference this repair can make for your property. A new driveway is a great way to increase curb appeal and property value, and can really enhance your company’s image.

Asphalt is Built Tough

Perfect for both large and small projects, asphalt continues to be one of the most durable and reliable weather-resistant surfaces available today. At Southern Asphalt, we are expert paving contractors who use only the best asphalt materials to provide our customers with a variety of commercial paving, from paving a new surface or striping an existing roadway, to sealcoating a rough surface all through Miami-Dade and Broward County.

Common Asphalt Paving FAQs

What are the typical costs associated with commercial asphalt paving in South Florida?

The typical costs associated with commercial asphalt paving in South Florida can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the materials used. Factors such as the thickness of the asphalt, the type of sub-base materials required, and any additional features such as drainage or striping can all affect the overall cost. Each project has to be estimated.

How long does it typically take to complete a commercial asphalt paving project in South Florida?

The time it takes to complete asphalt paving can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. A small parking lot can typically be paved in a day or two, while a larger project such as a multi-level parking garage can take several weeks or even months to complete.

What is the process for preparing the ground and laying the asphalt for a commercial paving project near Miami? 

  • Clearing and grading the site to create a level base
  • Installing a sub-base layer of crushed stone or other materials to provide support and stability
  • Compacting the sub-base to ensure a solid foundation
  • Laying the asphalt in layers, starting with a base coat followed by a wearing course
  • Compact the asphalt with a roller to finish the surface
  • Striping and marking the surface for traffic and parking.

What are the best practices for maintaining commercial asphalt paving in South Florida, given the high temperatures and heavy rainfall?

  • Regularly inspect the surface for cracks, holes, or other damage
  • Repair any damage as soon as it is noticed
  • Sealcoat the surface every 2-3 years to protect against water damage and UV rays
  • Keep the surface clean and free of debris
  • Regularly sweep and remove any standing water to prevent damage.

Are there any specific regulations or building codes in South Florida that must be followed for commercial asphalt paving projects?

Yes, there are specific regulations and building codes in South Florida that must be followed for commercial asphalt paving projects. These codes are meant to ensure that the paving is safe and functional for the intended use, and that it meets certain standards for durability, accessibility, and environmental impact. We can help ensure that all codes are being met.

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