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Asphalt Speed Bumps and Humps

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Top-Notch Speed Bumps and Humps Installation

When it comes to speed control, asphalt speed bumps and humps are absolutely essential. They’re important because they help slow down fast cars on the road. If you’re driving down a peaceful street in your neighborhood, the last thing you need to deal with is a speeding vehicle, after all. Speeding vehicles can greatly endanger drivers and pedestrians on the road. If you want to strengthen safety in your area, speed bumps are the way to go.

If you’re looking for a speed bump construction company, Southern Asphalt Engineering is your top choice asphalt paving company in Miami. We’re able to install speed humps and speed bumps of all varieties. Southern Asphalt Engineering serves residents of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Our dedicated team of professionals can install these humps and bumps according to the roads’ widths. They can also install these asphalt speed humps and bumps to lengths of between 2 feet and 12 feet. If you’re interested in other varieties of speed humps and speed bumps, we also provide installation services for rubber and prefabricated plastic options, depending on your specific preferences.

We provide painting services for speed humps and speed bumps as well. When we paint these humps and bumps, we employ traffic paints that are cleared by FDOT (The Florida Department of Transportation). We also employ thermoplastic paints.

Aside from just installing actual speed humps and speed bumps, we also install traffic posts and signs.

When you contract Southern Asphalt Engineering for your speed hump and speed bump needs, you can feel 100% confident that the job will be done on time and on budget.

Asphalt Speed Bumps and Humps FAQs

Where would I need speed bumps installed on my property? 

Speed bump and speed hump installation depend on areas where traffic safety is an issue. This can be determined by a traffic engineer professional who can analyze where speed bumps and humps will be most useful to deter speeding or other traffic issues. 

What is the difference between a speed bump and a speed hump?

A speed bump is commonly used on private roadways and parking lots. The height and length are dependent on the needs of the property. Speed humps, however, are installed on local residential streets. Speed Humps are generally a consistent size wherever they are installed.  

Why would you install a speed hump instead of a speed bump? What are the benefits? 

A speed hump is typically installed instead of a speed bump because it is longer and less steep, which creates a more gradual incline for vehicles to drive over. This can reduce the amount of noise and vibration caused by vehicles driving over the hump, as well as reduce the chances of damage to vehicles.

How high and wide should an asphalt speed bump be?

The recommended height for an asphalt speed bump is 2-4 inches, and the recommended width is 3-6 feet.

How far apart should asphalt speed bumps be spaced?

The recommended spacing for asphalt speed bumps is typically between 20-30 feet.

Are there any regulations or guidelines for installing asphalt speed bumps or humps on a road?

There are regulations and guidelines for installing speed bumps and humps on a road or in a parking lot. These typically include requirements for the size, shape, and spacing of the bumps, as well as requirements for signage and lighting. We can help review our local government and transportation department guidelines in South Florida.

Does Southern Asphalt Engineering fix, maintain and repaint speed bumps and speed humps? 

Yes, we can help maintain your speed bumps and also repair them if needed. It’s very common to have to repaint or even install new speed bump signage in municipalities, HOAs, retail parking lots and new subdivisions around Miami and South Florida.

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